Tent 7, Lincoln

Sarah D. Gillespie, Tent No. 7

Lincoln, Nebraska

Chartered May 24, 1919  

Susan Webster, President 


2020 Officers

Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday at 1:00 P.M. at Lake Park Condominiums, 4000 S. 56th St,  Lincoln. 



President Susan Webster, PDP
Senior Vice President Kami Voboril, PDP
Junior Vice President Carol Sysco, PDP
Chaplain Verla Roelle
Treasurer Florene Schauer, PDP
Council Member No. 1 Florene Schauer, PDP
Council Member No. 2 Verla Roelle
Council Member No. 3 Phyllis Ericson
Patriotic Instructor Joan Longacre
Secretary Arlene Rudebusch, PDP
Press Correspondent Kami Voboril 
Guard Chloe Weber
Musician Florene Schauer, PDP
Historian Arlene Rudebusch, PDP
Webmaster Arlene Rudebusch, PDP
duvs Chair Susan Webster, PDP

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