Tent 7 Activities

Sarah D. Gillespie Tent No. 7

Lincoln, Nebraska

Tent members continue the tradition of remembering our first president, Emma Susong, and the following Civil War Nurses for Memorial Day: Sarah D. Gillespie ♦
Waitie E. Gosper ♦ Dr. Hettie Kersey Painter ♦ Melinda A. Pratt, ♦ Adeline Williams ♦ Brother Albert Trimble, who are buried in Wyuka Cemetery.


May 27, 2000, we honored a Civil War Nurse, Adeline/Adelia Williams, by placingWilliams.JPG a  gravestone in the Potters Field at Wyuka with a headstone dedication ceremony conducted jointly with the Sons Of Union Veterans. Adeline was a African slave who was a “Volunteer” working in a Army Hospital in New Orleans, LA, she came to Lincoln, destitute, and was supported by the GAR.  She passed away while in Lincoln. She was buried in the Potters Field for many years before she was identified by members of the DUVCW from the WRC records. More details at Adeline Williams



On Memorial Day, we continue the tradition of placing flags beside each grave stone of the 265 veterans of the Civil War who are buried in the GAR Circle.


On Memorial Day, a tent member casts a wreath from the historic bridge at Wyuka Cemetery to honor the memory of all those who have lost their lives at sea in the service of our country, before we participate in the annual parade to the GAR Circle. The same memorial ceremony is now also held at Lincoln Memorial Park on Memorial Day. 

In 1997, $10,000 was given by our tent for the establishment of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Scholarship Fund at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska.



On June 3, 2000, a white granite bench with the inscription, “In memory of all veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865” was dedicated at the Veterans Memorial Garden, Antelope Park, Lincoln, Nebraska.



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