Tent 26 History

Ida McKinley Tent No. 26

Beatrice, Nebraska

Tent History

Ida McKinley Tent No.26 was chartered June 20, 1934. Ora D. Jones, Installing Officer, and Emma B. Susong, National Organizer.

Tent members chose the name of Ida McKinley as the name of their tent in honor and memory of the wife of the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. On June 20, 1885, 14 girls met to organize “The Ruby Seal” which William McKinley, Ohio U.S. Representative, helped with the by-laws, ritual, constitution, etc. which has evolved into our present National Order. In May 8, 1886, they honored Ida by adopting the name of Mrs. Major McKinley Tent #1 to begin our sisterhood.

Ida was born in Canton, Ohio, June 8, 1847 to James and Catherine Saxton. She graduated from seminary in Media, Pennsylvania at age 16; traveled to Europe with her older sister, and returned home to continue working in her father’s bank. She and Major William McKinley from Niles, Ohio, were married January 25, 1871. They had two daughters who died young. William was elected as the Governor of Ohio, to which he was elected for two terms, then as President of the United States. They moved to the White House on December 12, 1900. President McKinley was assassinated at a public reception held in Buffalo, New York in 1901. Ida died May 26, 1907 and was laid to rest in Canton, Ohio beside her husband and their two little girls.

At first the tent members met twice a month and for some years had a Kensington. They now meet once a month in the homes of their members. Their project was sewing for Veteran Hospitals, and the Soldiers Home at Grand Island. At the time of publication of reference listed below, they had made over 300 items.

The members have been continuously active in Department offices, and committees, with some members also serving on committees for the National organization.

Information taken from “A Short History of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 and The Nebraska Department of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865” issued by the Nebraska Department Bicentennial Committee.

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