Kady Brownell Award




Kady Brownell

When Anna Kinnison of Kady Brownell Tent No.25, Bellwood, Nebraska,
was National President of DUV in 1977-78, she instituted
the Kady Brownell Award to be given at National Convention:

“To an unselfish and outstanding American, a Daughter of a Union Veteran totally involved with the needs of today and concern for her fellowmen as had Kady Brownell.”

This award is available annually. Four members
of the Department of Nebraska have received it:

Clara Potter, (Colo/Wyo) Clara Barton Tent No.29, Potter,
Leah Way, of Sarah D. Gillespie Tent No.7, Lincoln,
Anna Kinnison, of Kady Brownell Tent No.25, Bellwood,
Cleo Schmidt, of Clara Barton Tent No.29, Potter

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