Adeline Williams

Adelina / Adeline E./ Adelia E. Williams (died March 1897)

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Adelina Williams was a volunteer Civil War nurse. An account was given in the 1888 and1889 Department WRC Journals. The 1889 and 1890 National and Department WRC Journals included her in the list of army nurses, volunteer, of Lincoln, Nebraska. Her name was given variously as Adelina, Adeline E., and Adelia.

At the 1888 Department WRC convention the following was recorded: ” there is an oldcolored lady, residing in Lincoln, who has the positive proof that she was an army nurse. She has letters bearing signtures from proper government officials, 1861-2-3, and credentials and testimonials which confirm her history as volunteer army nurse. She has become partially disabled by rheumatism, and has had to be helped by Farragut ReliefCorps No. 10, Lincoln, this winter.” This was Mrs. Williams. She must have made avery favorable impression, as the GAR’s collection for her was a sizeable amount for that time, and they requested a joint reception for her. The WRC also took up a collection, and “listened to remarks from Auntie Williams until dinner call.” The only other woman seen in our records here who was called Aunty was the well-loved Juliet Howe.

Her husband’s name is unknown.

She died March 1897. WRC records indicate March 31, but Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska, has Mrs. Adelia Williams, colored, died March 20, age given as 55. The grave has no stone.



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